• Intellectual Property (Prosecution)

Our team of patent attorneys, who are specialized in their technical fields and have broad experience through their product portfolios, can provide our clients with a diverse range of services from consultation to a grant of patents, utility models, designs and trademarks as well as utilization of obtained IP rights.

We also have a broad network with other foreign patent and law firms enabling us to support our clients abroad in the strong protection and utilization of IP in many different fields and countries.

For the utilization and litigation of IP rights, our patent attorneys work closely with our attorneys at law to develop and implement IP negotiation and litigation strategies that best fits the business interests of our clients. Our team of Japanese and international staff supports our clients in the preparation of the necessary application documents and during the application process in Japan.


Depending on the subject matter of the IP protection, our patent attorney who are experts in the fields of such subject matter advise clients as to how an invention, design, or mark can best be protected through a patent, utility model, design and trademark.


We conduct prior art searches, freedom to operate (FTO)/clearance searches, validity searches and infringement searches in accordance with the needs of our clients such as purpose, scope, and timeframe.

Filing of Applications

Based on our years of expertise, wealth of experience and fluency in three languages (German, Japanese, and English), we are able to prepare the documents necessary for the national phase entry of PCT applications or secondary applications in Japan, including translation of the application text and advising on special formalities in Japan to ensure a smooth transition for our client’s applications in Japan.

Also, our partner office in Beijing, Sonderhoff & Einsel Patent Agency Office, helps our clients with unified management and control of their intellectual property in Japan and China.

Office Actions

We provide the best solution to office actions in light of the examination guidelines, court decisions, and business practices of our clients.

Nullification, Opposition, and Infringement

We evaluate the validity, opposition, and possibility of nullification of intellectual property as well as prepare the appropriate documents necessary for such process. In the case of a potential infringement, our team of patent attorneys and attorneys at law will analyze the relevant product and its scope of protection. If a potential infringement is found, we help our clients with the preparation of warning letters, drafting of court documents, and negotiating with the court or appropriate government agency.


For licensors, our team of patent attorneys and attorneys at law also work closely together to ensure the protection of a client’s IP/patent portfolio through carefully drafted license agreements, and from the licensee’s perspective, we help the client obtain a fair license agreement which clearly sets forth the use of another party’s IP that is appropriate for the licensee’s business.

Fields of practice

Patents & Utility Models

IP law and the fast and reliable prosecution of patents has long been the core competency of our firm. We provide expert assistance for counselling, prosecution, litigation, dispute resolution and licensing transactions.

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Effective trademark enforcement is possible only if the right filing strategies are chosen in Japan. Our patent attorneys specializing in Trademarks have extensive experience in the filing and examination procedure and will provide you with profound advice on strategies and particularities for Trademark applications in Japan.

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Our patent attorneys specializing in designs can advise and support clients throughout the whole design registration process, from registered design searches to filing and monitoring of rights after registration.

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