• Regulatory Issues

Our attorneys continually monitor regulatory changes and have negotiated with various ministries and regulatory authorities including METI, MLIT, MHLW, CAA and the JFTC regarding issues involving the consumer protection laws, medical laws and regulations, Road Vehicle Acts, Food Safety Basic Law, Food Labeling Standards, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Law, Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act, Electricity Business Act, Telecommunications Business Act, Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Banking Act, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, competitive policy (Anti-Monopoly Act, Subcontracting Act, Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, and the Unfair Competition Prevention Act), and the Political Funds Control Act. Our attorneys also have experience advising on US anti-trust and FCPA issues.

Representative Work

  • Represented Japanese/foreign clients regarding regulatory matters which affect their day-to-day business, including drafting agreements which relate to regulatory approvals and/or restrictions.
  • Represented global confectionary manufacturer regarding consumer protection issues under the Consumer Product Safety Act and product labeling matters under the Food Labeling Standards.
  • Represented Japanese/foreign clients in developing their internal policies on data protection in relation to the Personal Information Protection Act.
  • Represented Japanese clients who are involved in overseas commercial, regulatory, criminal or other disputes (including, but not limited to, anti-trust/FCPA investigations conducted by US/EU authorities).