• Litigation/Dispute Resolution

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution team has broad and diverse experience in litigious matters including complex commercial litigation, high-profile criminal cases, white collar criminal investigations and litigation, and international commercial arbitration.  The focus of our litigation experience has been with defending companies against individual/consumer claims.  We have also litigated numerous disputes involving IP issues, labor disputes, and corporate and individual criminal acts under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Criminal Act, Anti-Monopoly Act, etc.

Representative Work

  • Represented Japanese/foreign clients on general domestic civil litigation involving commercial disputes, intellectual property infringements, labor disputes, insolvency/civil (corporate) rehabilitation procedures and other litigious matters.
  • Represented Australian company in an international arbitration case before the Japan Commercial Arbitration Associate in relation to a breach of contract claim of a share purchase agreement.
  • Represented U.S.-listed electronics fabrication company in an international arbitration case before the Japan Commercial Arbitration Association in relation to a breach of contract claim of a manufacturing and supply agreement.
  • Defended a chief secretary of a leading Japanese Diet member in a high-profile case involving alleged criminal charge of violating the Political Funds Control Law of Japan.
  • Defended a fund manager in a high-profile criminal case involving alleged fraud with respect to numerous pension funds.
  • Represented a Japanese distributor in a dispute with a European pharmaceuticals company regarding an alleged breach of a distributorship agreement and Japanese and foreign law litigation issues.
  • Represented airline companies with respect to aviation accidents and passenger claim cases before the Japanese courts, including, but not limited to, the Korean Airlines KE007 accident over Sakhalin (1983),Thai International Airways TG311 accident at Kathmandu (1992), China Airlines’ Airbus 300-600R Nagoya accident (1994), Garuda Indonesia Fukuoka accident (1996) and Medan accident (1997).
  • Represented airline companies and pilots regarding criminal accusations/prosecution, including the successful defense against an appeal of the acquittal of a Japan Airlines pilot who had been charged with professional negligence resulting in death and injury following a 1997 autopilot mishap that left a cabin attendant dead and others injured (Nagoya High Court Decision as of 12 January 2007).
  • Represented a U.S. automobile manufacturer regarding automobile recall issues.
  • Represented foreign companies in patent infringement litigation matters.
  • Represented foreign companies in litigation involving consumer complaints.