Dr. Sven Andresen

Dr. Sven Andresen

Dr. Andresen gained work experience in the chemical industry and in academic organizations on four continents before joining Sonderhoff & Einsel. He provides his technical expertise in the field of chemistry, collaborating closely with our Japanese patent attorneys and translators. His responsibilities include technical proofreading of German and English translations and communication with international clients, supporting them throughout the patent application process.


Patent Engineer

Areas of Technological Expertise

Synthetic organic chemistry, materials for organic electronics.

Professional Experience

2014 – present

Sonderhoff & Einsel, Law and Patent Office

2008 – 2012

Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia

2005 – 2008

Visiting scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles

1999 – 2005

Canon Inc., Japan

1998 – 1999

Kyushu University, Japan

1993 – 1997

University of Hamburg, Germany (doctorate in organic chemistry)


1987 – 1993

University of Hamburg, Germany (chemistry)


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> Groarke, Michelle; Andresen, Sven; Li, Juo-Hao; Weber, Karl; Hirai, Tadahiko; MacDonald, James; Bown, Mark; Ueno, Kazunori: “A new class of blue phosphorescent iridium complexes for organic electroluminescent devices.” Digest of Technical Papers – Society for Information Display International Symposium 2011, 42(3), 1721
> Michelle Groarke, Sven Andresen, Jenny O’Connell, Tadahiko Hirai, Karl Weber, Juo-Hao Li, James M. MacDonald, Mark Bown, and Kazunori Ueno: “New blue phosphorescent iridium complexes for OLEDs.” J. of Info. Display, 2012, 20 (1), 70
> S. Andresen, ““Photochemistry of 2-Cyano-cycloalk-2-enones and 2,2,6,6-tetrasubstituted Cycloalk-3-enones”, Doctorate, University of Hamburg, 1997


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