Felix-Reinhard Einsel

Managing Partner

Mr. Einsel possesses a diverse undergraduate and postgraduate educational background with degrees in Comparative Law and Electrical Engineering from both Japanese and American universities. He also has the distinction of being the only European national to be registered as a Patent Attorney in Japan at the present time and is also qualified in Japan as an IP Litigator. Mr. Einsel’s practice focuses on patent application and litigation matters in the areas of electrical engineering. Mr. Einsel is a noted expert on IP law in Japan and has given numerous seminars and published multiple articles on IP law and enforcement in Japanese, German, and English. In 2015, Mr. Einsel also testified as an expert before the National Diet with regard to the upcoming reform of the employee’s invention law and unfair competition law.


Patent Attorney


Qualified IP Litigator in Japan (2003)
Japanese Patent Attorneys Association (1999)
Attorney at Law, State of New York, U.S.A. (1994)
Hamburg Bar Association, Germany (2015)


LES Japan
Japan Audit & Supervisory Board Members Association
VPP (Association of Intellectual Property Experts)

Professional Experience

2009 – present

Managing Partner, Sonderhoff & Einsel Law and Patent Office

2005 – 2009

Vice Representative, Sonderhoff & Einsel Law and Patent Office
(formerly Dr. Sonderhoff Law Office)


Partner, Dr. Sonderhoff Law Office


Associate, Dr. Sonderhoff Law Office in Japan



Tokyo University of Science, B. Eng.,
Faculty of Technology-Electrical Engineering (Night School)


University of Washington, LL.M
School of Law – Asian Law Program

1988 – 1992

Rikkyo University, LL.B., Faculty of Law-Comparative Law


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“AI – a danger or chance for the job of a patent attorney” (the workshop of the ANNUAL CONFERENCE YOKOHAMA JAPAN titled  “Artificial Intelligence – What is It and How Do You Own and License AI-developed inventions and Data?”, The Licensing Executives Society International (LESI)) Yokohama, May 28, 2019


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Panelist at the 6th Public Forum Panel Discussion “Regarding Inventive Step” (Japan Patent Attorneys Association Central Intellectual Property Research Institute) Tokyo, 2008


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The Appeal against the Decision of Refusal & Opposition/Invalidation Trial in Japan”(Business session titled “Taking Adverse Examination Decisions on Appeal, and other Advanced Patent Office Proceedings in Korea, Thailand and Japan”, The Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorneys of Australia (The Annual Conference for IPTA)Melbourne, Australia, April 20, 2018

Teaching Experience

Part-time Lecturer, Osaka Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Intellectual Property (In charge of German Patent Law and Submission Procedures for EU designs and trademarks) 2006-2017


Part-time Lecturer, Tokyo University of Science, Professional Graduate School (in charge of EU Intellectual Property Law) 2014 ‐2015


In addition, Mr. Einsel also appeared at the House of Representatives Economic Industry Committee as a witness and presented his opinion on the occasion of the law revision of Heisei 27 (2015)


German, Japanese, English