About the Design System in Japan – 1

Required Illustrations for Design Applications

What kinds of illustrations or drawings of designs will be accepted?


Accepted illustrations for design applications are line drawings, computer-generated pictures or photographs in either black-white (grayscale) or color. Contour lines and shadings are not required.

With regard to disclaimed parts please refer to our information sheet “The partial design system in Japan”.


How many illustrations are necessary?


Illustrations of all six sides of the design as a Multiview orthographic projection or at least two illustrations as an isometric projection, which sufficiently show all sides of the design, are necessary. Said illustrations are essential even if the feature of the design is only seen in the front view or the design can be sufficiently illustrated with perspective drawings.


Exceptions may only be made for symmetrical designs where one illustration can be used for identical views, or for heavy machinery or vehicles for which the bottom view may be omitted.


Example for the Multiview Orthographic Projection:




Example for the isometric projection:


Are any other illustrations required?


A perspective drawing is not essential. However, it is preferable to file one to clarify the design.


When even the above-mentioned illustrations are insufficient to depict a design, a sectional view may be requested by the examiner.


For example, the gently curved hollow of the inside of a cup cannot be depicted with the six views seen above:


In the case, a sectional view is required to clarify the shape of the design:.



Please note that the internal mechanism(s) can be omitted in the sectional view in designs for a mechanical product.