On February 05, 2020, S&E held an EU Design Study Session titled, “Design Protection in Europe – a Strong IP Right”.

On February 05, 2019, S&E held an EU Design study session titled, “Design Protection in Europe – a Strong IP Right”.


S&E invited Dr. Achim Vierheilig, patent attorney of Klunker IP and Mr. Andreas Haberl, Attorney at law of Preu Bohlig.


At the study session, Mr. Haberl and Dr. Vierheilig provided a presentation on four topics focused on “Obtaining Design Protection in Europe”, “Scope of Protection and Filing Strategies”, “Design Protection without Registration” and “Update Brexit”.


They explained the comparison of the registration of designs in Germany and the EU, scope of protection, and design infringement by using many actual cases. Furthermore, they explained the effects on EU design, changes and key points after Brexit, effects on pending EU Design applications, and exhaustion of design rights.


This study session was held in English and our patent attorney provided interpretation in Japanese.


S&E also had a reception after the study group to allow participants further opportunities to communicate with Dr. Achim Vierheilig and Mr. Andreas Haberl.