On August 30th, 2018 an event entitled “From the Ground Up: The Latest IP Information Related to Pharmaceutical Patents such as the China/Taiwan Patent Linkage System”

Sonderhoff & Einsel’s patent attorneys, Xiaofen Wu , Hiroshi Morita, and attorney-at-law, Ayuko Nemoto, gave a seminar on IP in China and Taiwan, which was held by Johokiko Co., Ltd. Currently, legal systems regarding the management of pharmaceuticals are taking shape in China and Taiwan and patent strategies for pharmaceuticals are playing an important role in companies’ business plans. In particular, the obtainment and exercise of patent rights heavily influence the profitability of these companies, and it has become crucially important to have a thorough understanding of such related matters.


Against this background, the seminar focused on the rapidly developing situation in China and Taiwan and the latest IP information related to pharmaceutical patents, such as the recent trends in the Chinese legal system and changes to the organization of the State Council (of the PRC), the China/Taiwan Patent Linkage System, generic drug development/filing and their relationship to patent rights, actual examples of patent management related to petitions for the filing of generic drugs made by Chinese firms, patent right infringement litigation in the Chinese pharmaceutical Industry and the Taiwan Pharmaceutical Patent Linkage System were discussed. In addition, Ms. Wu, Mr. Morita, and Ms. Nemoto introduced examples of recent decisions by the Supreme Court of the PRC as they relate to patent requirements for pharmaceutical patents and the interpretation of rights, and also explained certain points to keep in mind regarding the conduct of related business.